In C



60’, mini DV

In C   -   Terry Riley

Video   -   Paolo Cavinato

musical performance   -   T I M E G A T E

                                        Alice Baccolo, violin

                                        Giuseppe Comincino, viola

                                        Massimo Menotti, guitar

                                        Marco Tafelli, guitar

                                        Emanuele Battisti, keyboards


Timegate’s main goal is a deep search into minimal music, an experimental branch of music whose putative fathers are Erik Satie and John Cage and whose most famous representative composers are the Americans La Monte Young, Terry Riley, Steve Reich and Philip Glass. Born in the beginning of the 60’s, the main feature of minimalism is the search of a formal clearness, the repetition of short melodic and rhythmic patterns and the relevance of the performing act. These aspects aim to give a new value to the aural meaning of the soundas living and changing energy-matter.

The quintet’s repertoire is mainly concerned with the historical period of minimalism, which lasts until the first half of the 70’s. Their choice of pieces puts the most famous works side by side with less known ones, which nevertheless worth to be appreciated as well. In particular, the Ensemble plays with the two sides of the genre, going from the classical form of the wholly written pieces to the improvisatory style of the open works. Music in Contrary Motionrepresents the first side: it is a sound process evolving continuously but almost imperceptibly, based on a repeating melodic pattern anyhow modified by the insertion of similar melodic fragments. On the other hand, In Cis a major representative of the open works: it is a group improvisation where the musicians’ choices are determinant as far as both structure and length of the piece are concerned. In facts In Cis often more than one hour long when played live.

A significant attention is also paid to the post-minimalist music of the last decades, which also includes some crossover works between classical and pop style.

Timegate aims to involve their audience into a journey to approach sound and merge into it: a mystic experience where the oriental roots of this music are recognizable. In facts the listener’s perception becomes finer and finer, while time expands in a kaleidoscopic circle of still but evolving sound.



1 - In C, clip video, 2006 2 - In C, clip video, 2006 3 - In C, clip video, 2006 4 - In C, clip video, 2006 5 - In C, clip video, 2006
6 - In C, clip video, 2006 7 - In C, clip video, 2006 8 - In C, clip video, 2006 9 - In C, clip video, 2006