2021   Limen-Sonografie, Sala dei Tinelli, Palazzo Te, Mantua


Enamel on fluorocarbon thread, frame and background in lacquered wood, LED dimmer cirtcuit, plexiglas

90 x 90 x 14 cm


Cosmo is a three-dimensional drawing made with fluorocarbon threads, painted with enamels, stretched and fixed on overlapped wooden frames. As with other works already created, it develops following precise mathematical calculations. The starting square, 40 cm on each side, evolves by rotating on its central axis, which, shrinking, creates a fractal space tending to infinity. The unit of measurement is the 4 and the square symbol of the earth, order, logic, design aimed at infinity through movement of the composition. The strings stretched as guidelines drawn, connect in geometric shapes around an empty center, like an expanding universe. Black and white are chosen as primary formulas of organized geometric construction and entropic space. The work, as it is conceived, appears as a three-dimensional, delicate and floating mandala, kept inside a quadrangular container. 



1 - Cosmo (luce naturale) 2 - Cosmo (luce LED) 3 - Cosmo (dettaglio) 4 - Cosmo (dettaglio) 5 - Cosmo (dettaglio)
6 - "Limen-Sonografie", Sala dei Tinelli, Palazzo Te, Mantua 7 - Cosmo, Lost and Luce. "Limen-Sonografie", Sala dei Tinelli, Palazzo Te, Mantua 8 - Cosmo 9 - Cosmo 10 - Cosmo