Limen #3

2018 - 2021


2021   Limen-Sonografie, curated by Fondazione Palazzo Te and Eterotopie, Sala dei Tinelli, Palazzo Te, Mantua


Enamel on fluorocarbon thread, alluminum frame, interior frames and background in lacquered wood, LED dimmer circuit, plexiglas

140 x 140 x 20 cm


Limen appears to be a vision, a fluctuating, strongly, evanescent and impalpable spectrum. Here is our Ego, our identity. There, there is the Elsewhere, the unfathomable. A window or a door opens, a gap or a crack opens on something new that we don't know what exactly is: a chasm, an abyss. But yet, this perspective that leads to an unattainable fund, seems to refer to ourselves. The awareness of what we are then staggers. Light clarifies an area of our mind or our imagination that we would never have expected. Light and darkness. In the middle there is the Limen, or liminal space, as a waiting and meditation line of demarcation, an oscillation between two extremes. It can lead us to new knowledge.


1 - Limen #3 (drawing) 2 - Limen #3, front (natural light) 3 - Limen #3, front (with interior Led turn on) 4 - Limen, Cosmo and Lost. "Limen-Sonografie", Sala dei Tinelli, Palazzo Te, Mantua 5 - Limen, Luce and Lost. "Limen-Sonografie", Sala dei Tinelli, Palazzo Te, Mantua
6 - "Limen-Sonografie", Sala dei Tinelli, Palazzo Te, Mantua 7 - Limen #3 8 - Limen #3  (detail) 9 - Limen #3 (detail)