The House



2002   eterotopie, Casa di Rigoletto, Mantua

2001   Lo Spazio Vuoto, Immagini Suoni Elementi, Villa Balestra, Rodigo (IT)

2001   Labyrinth, Centro Arte Contemporanea Spazio Umano, Milan


wood, paper, plexiglas, water

250 x 150 x 50h cm + base 120h cm


A geometric object, made up of rooms, corridors, passages between jambs and a room to another. Renaissance is a perspective box, made of rectangular solid and well-connected drives.
I have basically Almost Worked on two incompatible materials: paper and water.
I found a solution by inventing a special resin so that the paper resisted the deterioration of the water flow, undergoing a slow and lasting.
The internal structure of the house is a stratified space, deeply rooted in my childhood memories and life lived with my family. I twisted sentences written, signs and drawings of places such as traces of man's steps. A true organic space. A container existential intimacy.
The surfaces and walls, the floors are true layers of fragments.
The space of the room (unit of measurement of the House) becomes a space to reach the remote images. From the ceiling dripping droplets of water. Subtle perceptual elements that go to transform the interior.
Everything becomes subject to the transformations of the material. Words that identify the family, are covered with water: parents / silence, beast / disorder, wait / anxiety. The walls contain pictures in continuous progression and transformation; corners or piles of dust are full of images.
The House, in fact, can tell a story: the living spaces, will ultimately be flooded, the dream element, irrational scrambling geometric spaces of the rational, to take them to a more intimate level. The water dripping from the ceiling, drops, and everything seems to sag under its influence. It is not silent spaces, but putting your ear you can hear a thin trickle, constant and unrelenting.