2008  simmetria personale, Fabbrica Borroni, Bollate, IT

2007  Echoes, Palazzo Gonzaga, Volta Mantovana (IT) 

2007  Spazio Visivo, Festival della Creatività, Fortezza da Basso, Firenze

2005  Intersezioni - Video e Installazioni, Interzona, Verona

2003  Fabbrica delle Idee, Fabbrica Cometti, Caprino Veronese (Vr), IT


paper, wood, bright circuits with timer
600 x 115 x 70h cm + base 130 cm

A dark black building. The visitor can freely move around. Suddenly the scenes get animated.
The light shows irregularly fading images of desolate rooms, merely decorated by patches of light coming from half-closed doors or slots in the inner walls.
The focus of this installation rests on silence, on the pauses between fullness and emptiness. These rooms seem to be abandoned, but in fact they are not. They are transit landscapes, where mute figures stand aloof and wait. Human shadows tremble because of the heat of the light and suddenly stand out on the surfaces.
Empty spaces, where only these continuous light effects remain; luminous echoes of an impossible communion, of an impossible communicability. What remains is an unfulfilled wait.
The public can see through a small human-shaped opening: inside they can see a corridor; a deep tunnel that crosses the building, on which thousands of rooms filling the interiority overlook.
The person is as fragile as a cut-out silhouette that trembles because of the heat of the projected light. Cut-out and uncertain.
The inner Self is a huge desert. Cuts of light illuminate or clarify this absolute desolation. Wide, large dusty desert.
Echoes are light vibrations that reverberate in the space and then dissolve in the air. Empty rooms, where everything is just glimpsed at.
An enquiry on absences, with Figures that live in the same building without even meeting. There is time and movement.




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