The Family (bread eaters)

cardboard, bread, resin, theca plexigliass
80 x 80 x 30h cm + base 120 cm


I started this work by reflecting on the concept and value of family.
The representation of the family sitting at the table during a simple lunch. Family as the common denominator of society.
Module, single cell that already has all the characteristics of a social macrocosm.
Within the family relationships we establish the first exchange and dialogue.
Bread is a living organic matter, food Eucharistic community. Here it becomes sensory field, able to engage the senses on many levels. Approach or It causes repulsion. is a living material, destined to evolve over time.
A substance that is never static. An organic substance, alive. The usual daily bread made of moods, daily cycles.
The table is the nucleus.
First imagine a light source coming from the table. Now, in a sense it is as if there had been. Passed. A hot spring that has warmed in some places and burnt matter. The natural fire. A living material energy. The warm household. But everything falls apart, crumbles, deforms, the plasma is modeled. Everything is made of tiny particles of living matter, Mobile. A thin continuous and crumble. And a sense of precariousness. It is a representation. A family nucleus. A discourse juxtaposed crumbs and crushed time.



1 - The Family, 2004 6 - The Family, detail 2 - The Family, 2004 3 - The Family, 2004 4 - The Family, detail
5 - The Family, detail 7 - The Family, detail