Threshold #1


2008   Festival della Creatività, Fortezza da Basso, Florence

2008   Festival eterotopie, Palazzo Te, Mantua

2008   Spazio Visivo, Palazzo Libera, Villa Lagarina, Trento

2008   The word is yours, Fabbrica Borroni, Bollate, Milan


Installation              Paolo Cavinato

Sound                     Stefano Trevisi


wood, paper, mirror, film, plastic, lights with timer, audio 5.1 + 8

150 x 650 x 215h cm


Threshold is an installation visible both outside and inside. It looks like a parallelepiped surrounded externally by shelves where hundreds of different boxes are stored and assembled together: ideal containers of the person's daily life. Inside the installation a reflective threshold overlooks a deep corridor, an orderly linear perspective leads to infinity. At first, the viewer sees himself reflected on the mirror, then, the image dissolves, leaving room for the emptiness of the central perspective. Here, a hiss accompanies and dilates the dissolution of the image of the person in the empty internal space.



3 - Threshold, 2008 4 - Threshold. Palazzo Te, Mantua, 2008 5 - Threshold. Palazzo Te, Mantua, 2008 1 - Threshold. Palazzo Te, Mantua, 2008 2 - Threshold, 2008