2009   Premio Artivisive San Fedele, Secondo Classificato, Galleria San Fedele, Milan
cardboard, paper, mirrors, lights with timers, iron
175 x 60 x 330 cm

Wayfarer is composed of e andante, present participle of go, which makes travel (long and needs and therefore different from the traveler who goes more convenient for chores or even leisure).
This is an accessible both externally and internally with our eyes.
The landscape outside, or the environment, is a city / mirror, and dynamic building, replete with caves, doors, passages, corridors, rooms. It is a labyrinthine castle within which someone tries, walks, explores, investigates.
Many roads lead ultimately to a unique inner path. The sum of the choices or doubts lead ultimately to a single direction toward something unknown. Perhaps along this path there will be all sorts of dangers and despite this, the person will continue its path by moving outside the usual points of reference. There are often times in life where we can not stop, but we must proceed further and lose, at least for a while, the usual details of everyday life: places and people.
Thus, we are in a position where the traveler is sprouting in us a change.
Suddenly we see the world, the same world that surrounded him until a few days before, like a different world. And then begins the dance of the repositioning of the "new self" in the "new world" (world's first hour saw with different eyes than before and the world that if we change too change).
1 - Viandante, 2009 2 - Viandante (inside), 2009 3 - Viandante (detail), 2009